25 January 2017

tHE OnLy OnE i LOvEd

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Allahummaghfirlahu, warhamhu wa'afihi wa'fuanhu..
Ya Allah ampunilah dia, sayangilah dia dan maafkan kesalahan-kesalahannya..

am i missing you? i do
so much
am i loving you? i do
so much
but Allah more missing you
but Allah more loving you
though my day miserable without you
our memories are rest in peace on my mind
your smile, your voice, your kindness
and your loves to me
is forever
as you always said to me
besides DOTA, i'm the only one you love forever
you told me in every my daylight, my nightingale.
somehow, i was so badly missing you
my tears run like a heavy rain
my heart tore like a thunder
my mind keep running a photograph of you
how i want to move on without you in every day of my life
how i want to story anything without you by my side
yes, its hurt me, but i know, i should let you go
and ya i already let you go
along with all my dua' and yassin for you
the only one i loved..

Al-Fatihah.. Amin..

23 July 2016

mY waY

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ku terpaku...
apabila melihat kamu tersenyum buat pertama kalinya
senyuman itu mencetuskan rasa cinta di hati
tapi perasaan itu harus ku

16 June 2016

NuR AtYQaH FaRaHyn

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12.04.2016 | 0232

She is my sister
She is my soul
She is my life
I can't stand when see her cry
I can't stand when people misjudged her
I can't stand when other treat her as a loser
She is my sister
She is my soul
She is my life!!!

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