30 March 2013

REnUnGan 01

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^_^  Secreto De Yrtif

25 March 2013


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HANA, QYLA and ZUE….. They're my housemates… them, made my life here, so complete! Why? Sebab kami satu kepala!!! hehehehe ><

Hahaha…..syukur sangat! i’ve been gifted with such a beloved friends that really taking a good care of each other’s…this house always full of screaming (especially whenever meet eye to eye with the cockroaches…..haha..), laughter, joking and gossiping…hahahaha….we having so much together here..it’s just like a destiny…qyla and me, same courses…hana and zue, same courses…we coupled! 

Before I take my first step at Terengganu, hana, who are the one that helping me so much…i always burden her about the rent house…thank you so much hana! Thank god, we both are debaters…and i already knew here since part 1 diploma, for Debat Diraja 2010 Tournament…that time we’re still freshie and newbie when first time i meet her…moreover, hana is currently taking her diploma at UiTM Dungun and she continue her degree at the same campus…that is why, I contact here to ask about where to live and she’s asking me to stay with her…so I agree….in the other hand, qyla, is my diploma friends.. …and she contact me with the same reason i contact hana, and we agree to stay in same place…about zue, she’s friend of qyla at kuala kangsar…she’s getting last minutes news about her acceptance in degree at uitm dungun. She has contacted qyla asking the same thing.. hahaha….

It’s like we all are meant to be together….. hahaha….and now we have lived here all four together…. Everything is easy for us.... Attitudes? For sure, each of us have different attitudes and personality….but, once you accept someone as who they are, and once you try to understand your friend's behavior, it will make your life colorful; full of pleasure, more sincere and acceptance….that mindset should be applied in your daily life k, guys….hehehe…..

Oh… back to us….we spent so much time togethersharing, cooking, sightseeing, sleeping, exercising, wiping, washing, praying, studying, almost everything…..and hopefully, we will live happily until the end of the degree’s moments…. and most important, our friendship will last forever….Amin!!!!

10 March 2013

UiTM Dungun, Terengganu

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I'm struggling like dying just because want to continue my degree at UiTM Shah AlamYalai took my diploma at UiTM Perak, far from my familyand now, far far away again….hmmm......i really hope and thought that i will be nearby home and may help my babah but....hmmm....alahai....memang bukan rezeki kan.my babah said, it's ok....my mama also....hmmm....everyone is telling me, untungleeeUiTM Dungun campus nearer to the sea...the campus just in front of the seaeven the makcik2….my friends? For sure la they asked me to buy keropok lekor herewhat else kan? Haha….

Actually, my thoughts are if i at Dungun, I’ll get sunburned! because it’s nearer to the sea and i bet it is must be really warm there compare to perakgosh!!! it is not like i hate Terengganu so muchit’s just unbelievable….i never ever expect that i may travel hereTerengganu? Wow! It’s really shocking and new-new to mebut my babah said that everything happen to have their own reasons… well, 100% ya! It’s true, babah! Memang ada hikmah…

Frankly, I am starting to fall in love here… their culture, their environment, the sea, subhanAllah! It makes my eyes-popping out...the wind flew and breathing as smooth as silk towards my lazy bodyEverything was so peaceful….everything was so interesting to me….hahasometimes I felt that how stupid I am when i thinking badly about being herehaha.learn from experiences la hazlynthat’s why diorang campak u kt cn! Hahaha….

Btw, so far, I have so much fun here…..my rent house also nearby the UiTM entrance and nearby to recreation parkmy classmates been monopolized by girls… adding by a few boysthe boys can be countedhahaha…..the lecturers here are fully speaking in Englishbut all of them are very nice and sweettttttt.hahathe staff, police bantuan, they’re all very nice…

I'm very glad to be hereand this is my starting point to gain more knowledge and to face more challenging experiences… thus, wish me luck, guys! 

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