28 April 2013

Mid-Term BrEaK

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Break is like taking a bread with full of sauces, mayonise, added with creamy eggs and sat in front of TV throughout the day….

hey! ASSIGNMENT!!???
Huh???? What’s that? Is it important?? 
I’m doom =.= !!
HELLO LYN!!! It is important ok!!! 

Wake up la! It’s only two weeks…not forever…ayoooo……it’s already been a week but not a single assignment i have done….erghhhhh
!!! What’s wrong with me…!!!! The laziness is haunted me for the whole week and it may be spread for the next week….aigooooo!!!!! I really need to take a chill pill and relax and…hazlyn, chillax!!!! There’s still time to do the assignment….huhu….this is the consequences of having a break…huhu….but…the benefit are…a lot! I spent a lot of time with my family…im helping my babah as always….went to Perlis for three days….watching movies with my bff….hehehe…can’t wait more for break!!!

p/s:  dont forget the assignment laaa hazlyn!!! ><

25 April 2013

spEciaL giFt

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how sweet……
a gift from my sister, atyqah.....
especially from Johor Darul Takzim....
you know what yqa, 
it is so precious so much for me!!!!
thank you so much!!!! 
kakak sayang awk!!!!

p/s: kakak harap awk suke baju yang kakak beli kt awk....hehehe

14 April 2013

cOminG hOmE

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This Thursday I’ll be home! Wait for me!!! hehecan’t wait to be home soonthis is my 1st mid-term break since 1st Marchhuhui wanna hug my family….miss them much!!!..hohobut of course la, I will buy a lot of assignments also…..PTPTN pun perlu diselesaikan…..huhu..and before boleh balik, the whole week, kena la berhadapan dengan test, quiz and presentation….alahai.inilah lumrah jadi student kan..haha..redha sajoohaha…..so, wish me luck for this week journey…. =.=

P/s: for sure ada presents from t’gganu for my family….a lot! Hehehe

13 April 2013


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tadaaaa…..!!! This is what we called creative and innovative….hehehe….

This piece of work already hangs up in our home… hehehe….that polystyrene, daripada kotak mesin basuh kami yang baru dan decorations, kami main tampal sajoo...hahaha.kami buat kerja kreatif ini, in the middle of nighthohosebab tak boleh tidur lahahaha...btw, we are so happy of the resultcantik sangat!! Hahahappy gila bila gantung this frame kat dinding rumah….nampak lawa.kawan-kawan yang datang rumah, semua puji..hehehegee..tengss...hohothat frame, means a lot to us….it’s not just a picture frame but it’s also show our unforgettable moments together.. ;)

p/s: d' problem is, x thu mcmane nuc divide frame uh ble dh hbes degree thahaha…  dizzy =.=

11 April 2013


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Huhu…nombor giliran dah keluar....hehe…wahh....really can’t wait....and hari itu saja la nak gather up, jumpa semula dengan semua kawan-kawan diploma.. Ya Allah..rindu gila dengan kawan-kawan diploma…….!!!

well, it’s like my dreams will come true...hehehe.and the greatest excitement for me is seeing my family faces, especially my babah and my mama, smiling all the time….i just wanna make something that my family will be proud of meand this is it! my second present for them who always beside me and guide me to be a better person in life....buta lot of work to do.... ghouls! Convocation day nearby, and  I still got a thing to catch up and need to solve.... 

Thus, wish me luck  and may your dreams also will come true..HAKUNA MATATA!!! ;)

p/s: convo bulan may...jadi kena la sabar menunggu hari uh...huhu

10 April 2013

REnUnGan 06

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^_^ Secreto De Yrtif

09 April 2013

REnUnGan 05

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^_^  Secreto De Yrtif

REnUnGan 04

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Advice from MAMA ;)

^_^ Secreto De Yrtif

07 April 2013

REnUnGan 03

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^_^ Secreto De Yrtif

SyStEm THinKinG

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Hye friends! I just want to share with you what I had learned from my class today… it is very interestingwe be taught about system thinkingsowhat is system thinking? Generally, system thinking can be thought of as a language for communicating about complexities, and interdependencies… it’s like a behavior modeling…

What I want to say here is system thinking is a tool that you can apply not just for the system, but also in your daily life… as for the system you need to consider and review a lot of aspects and perspective before you develop a system or upgrade the systemif not it will lead to miscommunication…. Seem like life, right? 


Did you get the picture? Or still buzzing? Language of system thinking is more circular rather than linear… same as language of living things… what you gives, you get backtrust me! It’s habitual for humanity..this is because the world by itself is dynamic, complex and interconnected nature…

Therefore, as human, we need to always look up upon our behavior and always consider and research and upgrade and improve our weaknesses to become a better person in the future…

p/s: sure it’s hard dear, but, when there's a will there's a wayHakuna Matata! ;)

06 April 2013

REnUnGan 02

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^_^ Secreto De Yrtif

05 April 2013

UiTM : Satu Noumena

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Elus angin sore
gema bunyinya menggetar jisim
dikejat kedinginan yang lencun
berserta kabus yang meratah marca alam
menyapa lembut sekujur tubuh longlai
anak watan yang bahunya punya bebanan
matanya melingkar seantero alam
dia mencipta pelbagai takwilan
dia melahirkan bermacam hermeneutik
yang melingkari persoalan tentang pengertian

Dalam kenanaran yang menggarisi ruang-ruang pencariannya

dia mula mencari
            bumi untuk dipijak
            langit untuk dijunjung
            pelangi untuk dilihat
maka tika inilah
kau… menjadi satu noumena

Bagi kau

tiada yang mungkin selagi mampu
mutlaknya usaha dan tawakal
menggonggong semangat
mengongkong pendirian
aksioma yang mengatur tindakannya
autonomi yang mengatur penghormatannya
dan kau
memimpin tangan tubuh longlai itu bagi mencipta
            satu garisan hidup
            satu garisan hati
yang menjadi titik noktah
untuk keperibadiannya keilmuannya
demi sebuah kehidupannya

Terima kasih, UiTM…

(Hazlyn, 12.12.2012)

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