26 September 2013

miSsiNG yOu

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Rindu itu ada dua sebab, kerana sayang atau kerana benci; but it’s a nice feeling when you know that someone loves you, someone misses you, someone needs you, but it feels much better when you know that someone never ever forgets you...

That is Me!

aPpLE trEE

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...bagi saya...
...awak ialah pokok epal...
...pokok epal ada banyak...
...saya hanya pilih satu sahaja pokok epal...
...dalam satu pokok epal itu...
....saya boleh dapat banyak buahnya…
...kenapa perlu saya pergi kepada pokok epal yang lain....
...saya boleh dapat banyak buah dari pokok epal yang saya pilih...
...sebab itu lah...
...saya takkan pernah pergi cari pokok epal yang lain...

wOrLd’s oF minD

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The greatest asset >>> Faith
The most beautiful attire >>> Smile
The most dangerous act >>> Gossip
The deadliest weapon >>> The tongue
The most contagious spirit >>> Mother
The worst thing to be without >>> Hope
The greatest natural resources >>> Youth
The most prized possession >>> Integrity
The most worthless emotion >>> Self-pity
The ugliest personality trait >>> Selfishness
The greatest problem to overcome >>> Fear
The most satisfying work >>> Helping others
The most crippling failure disease >>> Excuses
The two most power-filled works >>> “I Can”
The world’s most incredible computer >>> Brain
The most effective sleeping pill >>> Peace of mind
The greatest “shot in the arm” >>> Encouragement
The most endangered species >>> Dedicated leaders
The most powerful channel of communication >>> Prayer

24 September 2013

REnUnGan 15

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^_^ Secreto De Yrtif

20 September 2013


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Note: LOVE by Lisa (01.02.1984).

LOVE is exciting
And so are the roses
On a birthday
It is so dangerous

I also have some feeling
About LOVE
But sometimes
I wonder
Where I belong
In the future
Or, In the past
I guess I'm just
A girl of sixteen.


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Note: Pengertian by Lisa (09.02.1985).

Kini aku mengerti
Kehidupan ini
Tidaklah semudah yang ku sangka
Segala derita dan cabaran
Yang selama ini ku alami
Mengajarku tentang kehidupan.


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