21 May 2018

bUy 1st nEw hOuSE tiPs

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Alhamdulillah, i have finally bought my own double-storey house at age 25 which it has been one of my dreams' life. Therefore, here some tips for friends that seeking for a house to buy. Remember, the list and tips are ONLY based by my own experiences. This post is just wanna to share my experiences in surveying, checking, evaluating, decision making, financing and everything related. It took me about 1 year in ensuring my investment to my own assets is worth; for my future and hope that this posts will ease your way in searching for your first house ya friends. :)

1. Intention(s)/Nawaitu/Niat

- For staying with parents & sibling(s).
- For staying with own family(ies).
- For investment.

2. House Cost(s)

- Target in between 300k and below.
- Target in between 300k-500k.
- Target in between 500k-700k.
- Target in between 700k and above.

3. House Survey(s)

- Type of house(s)
 a. Landed.
 b. Double storey.
 c. Apartment.
 d. SOHO.
- House location.
 a. From your workplace.
 b. Nearby highway.
 c. Nearby hospital.
 d. Nearby school.
 e. Nearby community.
 f. Nearby Hypermarket / Supermarket.
 g. City / Village area.
- Housing perimeters area.
 a. 20' X 60'.
 b. 20' X 70'.
 c. 20' X 75'.
 d. Etc.
- Types of ground
 a. Mountain.
 b. Tar.
 c. Tanah timbus
- Finishing house structure.
 a. How many room(s).
 b. How many toilet(s).
 c. Floor using tiles or semen.
 d. Toilet full tiles or half tiles.
 e. Plastic sink or others.
 f. Wet kitchen or dry kitchen or both.
 g. Wood door or others.
 h. Got gate or not.
 i. Balcony.
 j. Extra space(s) inside or outside or both.
 k. Stor.
 l. Fully furnished.
- Extras
 a. Parking lot(s).
 b. Maintenance fee.
 c. Guarded.
 d. Swimming pool.
 e. Gym.

4. Developer Survey

- Successful project(s).
- Unsuccessful project(s).
- House net value in next 5 years and above.
- Property ownership terms
 a. Freehold.
 b. Leasehold.
- Bumiputera rate(s)
- Free offer(s)
 a. Legal fee.
 b. SMP fee.
 c. Stamp duty.
 d. MOT fee.
- Renovation cost(s)
 a. Allow without any approval.
 b. Allow with an approval.
 c. Not allow at all.

5. Loanee Salary

- Net Salary
 a. After monthly commitment deduction.
 b. Filter house(s) cost based on net salary.
 c. Don't be HAMBA HUTANG

6. Survey Bank Quotation

- Type of loan
 a. Individual.
 b. Combine (husband wife / siblings / parents).
- Amount of loan
 a. 100%.
 b. 90%.
 c. 80%.
 d. 70%.
- Lower interest rate.
- Tenure 25, 30 or 35 years.
- MRTT /MRTA plan
 a. 100%
 b. 90%
- Monthly payment amount.
- Payment method
 a. Pay below fix amount.
 b. Pay fix amount.
 c. Pay extra amount.
 d. Pay via fixed deposits (yearly).
- Repayment terms
 a. Penalty / Charges late repayment duration.
 b. Penalty / Charges late repayment amount.
 c. Penalty / Charges late repayment charges.
 d. Maximum amount bank will charge for the house if undergoes economy crisis.

May your dreams comes true. Remember, everything you want in this life will comes with an effort and prayer. Be tawakal and keep faith to Allah. In shaa Allah everythings gonna be easy for you. Good luck peeps!

07 March 2018


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.أشهدُ أنْ لا إلهَ إلاَّ الله. وأشهدُ أنَّ محمّدًا رسولُ الله



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