20 November 2012


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A facial expression indicating amusement, characterized by an upturning of the corners of the mouth

  • Smiling makes us attractive
  • Smiling makes us healthy mentally and physically
  • Smiling helps us stay positive
  • Smiling gives us energy
  • Smiling is a natural drug
  • Smiling is a miracle


     Scientifically, with a smile, we only use 17 muscles of the face compared to 43 facial muscles while frowned. In Islam, the smile is a ritual for making people smile is sweet and beautiful to look at. In fact, the ancient Chinese proverb also practices in their daily life like a saying goes "without a smiling face, can not open the temple". This adage has become a motivation, success in a business in Chinese society. 

    Rasullullah s.a.w said that "a smile is a charity", and because of that, we should smile to yourself and others. However, smiling is the easiest charity is able to cause misunderstanding. In conclusion, show a smile with sincere hearts with godly intentions. God willing, your life is always right to be happy...

SubhanaAllah, Almighty God :)

Smiling hides a lot of secrets. Thus, use it well, friends! :)

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