05 November 2013

an EXtOrtiOnatE dREamS

at 2:15 PM
Note: An Extortionate Dream (Hazlyn, 2013)

Dear reciter…
Do you have a dream?
i have mine…
What's yours?
Does it exotic
or explicit?

Iff i got an exquisite moment in reality
Iff i got an extraordinary moment in reality
Does it still be count as dreams?

You know…
My exertion still not enough
Its still exiguous
Sometimes i exhale for something
Sometimes i exhaust for something
Supposedly, i exterminate it right?

You know…
i don’t want any extol
i just love being exult
i just love trying excel
i just love collecting experience
just because
i want to see my world extensively
In the middle of exhilaration of my familia


Doctor Smiley said...

p/s: "iff" a mathematical terms stands for "if and only if"

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