07 December 2017

2nd siMpLE mEnU : sAUsAgEwRaP

at 5:05 PM
DateTime : 08th December 2017 0600
Serving : 1 person

[a] 2 tablespoon of Naturel's olive margarine
[b] Stir 3 eggs with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and Maggie's seasoning
[c] Dice 1/2 jalapeno
[d] 3 Ayamas's chicken sausages
[e] 1 small mug of Lady's Choice mayonnaise
[f] 3 pinch of black pepper salt
[g] 1 Missimo's onion wrap
[h] 1 glass of water
[i] 1 small mug of chili sauce

1. Heat up the pan with [a].
2. Place [b] inside the pan and heat it half-cooked.
3. Add in [c] inside the pan.
4. Lower the heat and scramble the eggs as needed.
5. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
6. Boil up the [d] around 3 minutes.
7. Release the steam and allow to cool.
8. Spread a thin layer of [e] and [f] on top of [g].
9. Pile on top with scrambled eggs and the sausages. 
10. Place inside the microwave up to 5 minutes, side by side with [i].
11. Served warm along with [i].

- You may use another brands of products.
- You may grill the sausage instead of steam it.
- You may add on cheese or mozzarella.
- You may serve with thousand islands sauce.
- You may alter this menu as your wish.

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