07 January 2013


at 3:24 PM
Definition of money:
    Money is a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes. Money is widely used and accepted in transactions involving the transfer of goods and services from one person to another.

Functions of money:
  • Medium of exchange
  • Unit of account
  • Store of value
  • Measure of value
  • Standard of deferred payment

Types of money:
  • Commodity money
  • Fiat money
  • Paper money
  • Digital money
  • Representative money
  • Commercial Bank money

Money Currency:

Convert to
Ringgit Malaysia (MYR)
1 Euro
RM 3.984
1 UK Pound
RM 4.899
1 Australian Dollar
RM 3.194
1 Hong Kong Dollar
RM 0.393
1 Indian Rupee
RM 0.055
1 Indonesian Rupiah
RM 0.000
1 Japanese Yen
RM 0.035
1 Pakistani Rupee
RM 0.031
1 Philippine Peso
RM 0.075
1 Singapore Dollar
RM 2.484
1 South African Rand
RM 0.356
1 Thai Baht
RM 0.100
1 US Dollar
RM 3.049

Money Facts:

      Although money is necessary to survive, especially in current eras, still, money can't buy you and my life because of:

  • LOVE: You may attract someone you like by using money, but is it the money or you that they attract too.
  • LEADERSHIP: Is no longer about power or money, but skilled that needs to be polished.
  • HAPPINESS: You may buy the whole things in the world just to make you happy, but it will not last longer and at least you still be gloomy.
  • EXPERIENCE: experience is something that you have to gain it not to buy it. Even so, try to buy it, you still get made (nothing)!
  • PEACE: If money could buy peace, then there should and would be no violence in the world.
  • PERSONALITY: You can always pay to take lessons, but talent and attitude is something that you are born with. Yet, you may still be a moron if you thought money is everything.
  • TIME: Once it's gone, it's gone. You can't buy it to have it back.
  • DEATH: When the times coming, you can't persuade it with your money.
  • NATURES: It's already free. What would you do if you could buy these? Think deeply about it ok!

p/s: Therefore, gain your life with pleasure of modesty. Appreciate everything and everyone in front of your innocent eyes because we cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. Sayonara!:)


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