01 January 2013


at 3:12 PM

Wowsers ! It’s great if it becomes reality, well, for me, it’s already becoming reality...

                 We’ve been together since part two until part four... How she looks like? Haha.. she’s very pretty..a delightful person..a caring and sporting person. And also a good listener because whenever i need someone, she always be here for me..sorrow, joyfull, madness, anytime, she always take a good care of me..frankly, a lot of secret we share and you know what, whenever she’s around me, i always behave like a child..teasing her, beat her, haha..wahh..such a naughty girl i am, huh?..huhuhu…but, she never get angry with me..she always patience with my attitude…hmm…i miss her so much la yaar…I dunno when i’ll be able to meet her again..but i’m guaranteed 100 % that when she or me missed our moment together, she and me will watch montage that i make especially dedicated to her, HAFIDZAH RAMADHANI :)


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