21 May 2012


at 4:30 PM

Thanks for those who became my followers... you know what, without followers, who will read my mumbling here right hahaha... hmm...talking about followers, they also automatically become my    friends.. wow... friends....it is a greatest joy you have in your life...because without friends, who else you wanna share your sorrow and joyful (besides family)...

but sometimes, friends also can make your life miserable.. ha-ha.. its happens when you have chosen the wrong friends. yala..a friends who care and love you which will always be by your side when you live with up-down condition is hard-to-get nowadays..but whatever it is, we should always look at mirror cause the mirror will reflect everything... sometimes, it's our own mistakes, its our own jerky attitude that makes everyone hates us..think about it, and try to be better person.. :)

Besides, whenever and whatever, do not judge a book by its cover...appreciate your friends and try to live a life with them because when they're gone, only memories with them gave you a reason to continue your life..trusts me, friends! :)


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