20 May 2012


at 12:00 PM

First and foremost, i wanna to admit that i'm quite nervous to writing here..Frankly, i'm not a good writer...and maybe i just keep wondering who will view my blog, who will be my followers, who will comment to my story, are my story interesting or not to share..haha...so much to think la yaar...haha

but its okeyh because my life's principle : I KNOW I'M NOT THE BEST, BUT WHATEVER I DO, I DO MY VERY BEST will always lead me becoming a better person..try to LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES man...hahaha....i think maybe the one who loves Red's color much have a high spirit like me...i hope my followers love to read my blogs.. :)

Moreover, i'm actually quite ADVENTUROUS person..READING especially.... I love it!!!! In addition, i continue my study at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Perak in Science Computer (CS110). my ambition is to become a DATABASE EXPERT :) haha..i hope so la...Aminnn....


Mr. 'A'kmal said...

ta de button follow pon fitri. btw, do visit mine, benakalut.blogspot.com :)

Dr. Smile said...

huhu...yeke..sy baikpulih jp..haha..owh okeyh! :)

Dr. Smile said...

dh ad dh followers buttonnye.. hehe:)

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