14 April 2013

cOminG hOmE

at 1:52 AM
This Thursday I’ll be home! Wait for me!!! hehecan’t wait to be home soonthis is my 1st mid-term break since 1st Marchhuhui wanna hug my family….miss them much!!!..hohobut of course la, I will buy a lot of assignments also…..PTPTN pun perlu diselesaikan…..huhu..and before boleh balik, the whole week, kena la berhadapan dengan test, quiz and presentation….alahai.inilah lumrah jadi student kan..haha..redha sajoohaha…..so, wish me luck for this week journey…. =.=

P/s: for sure ada presents from t’gganu for my family….a lot! Hehehe


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