07 April 2013

SyStEm THinKinG

at 9:50 AM
Hye friends! I just want to share with you what I had learned from my class today… it is very interestingwe be taught about system thinkingsowhat is system thinking? Generally, system thinking can be thought of as a language for communicating about complexities, and interdependencies… it’s like a behavior modeling…

What I want to say here is system thinking is a tool that you can apply not just for the system, but also in your daily life… as for the system you need to consider and review a lot of aspects and perspective before you develop a system or upgrade the systemif not it will lead to miscommunication…. Seem like life, right? 


Did you get the picture? Or still buzzing? Language of system thinking is more circular rather than linear… same as language of living things… what you gives, you get backtrust me! It’s habitual for humanity..this is because the world by itself is dynamic, complex and interconnected nature…

Therefore, as human, we need to always look up upon our behavior and always consider and research and upgrade and improve our weaknesses to become a better person in the future…

p/s: sure it’s hard dear, but, when there's a will there's a wayHakuna Matata! ;)


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