13 April 2013


at 2:30 AM
tadaaaa…..!!! This is what we called creative and innovative….hehehe….

This piece of work already hangs up in our home… hehehe….that polystyrene, daripada kotak mesin basuh kami yang baru dan decorations, kami main tampal sajoo...hahaha.kami buat kerja kreatif ini, in the middle of nighthohosebab tak boleh tidur lahahaha...btw, we are so happy of the resultcantik sangat!! Hahahappy gila bila gantung this frame kat dinding rumah….nampak lawa.kawan-kawan yang datang rumah, semua puji..hehehegee..tengss...hohothat frame, means a lot to us….it’s not just a picture frame but it’s also show our unforgettable moments together.. ;)

p/s: d' problem is, x thu mcmane nuc divide frame uh ble dh hbes degree thahaha…  dizzy =.=


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