22 May 2012


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Malaysia Book Of Records :)

i got one already! hehehe :) remember XPDC 111111 UiTM.. The date is 20.11.1992...hey, its my birthday la yaar...hahaha....frankly, it's my birthday present for myself..hehe...well, since i enter university, i have an opportunity to travel and doing adventurous thing that i have never done when i'm in high school...haha..

Part 1, I climb Keledang Mountain at Gerik, Perak.. I have a foster family too at Kampung Pasir, Gerik... besides that, i join kayaking....i across Sungai Perak..haha...very challengeable! old days, when back to hometown, my dad will drive through the Sungai Perak...hahaha...can you imagine how happy i am...hahaha....part 2, same mountain i climb at Gerik, Perak but kayaking, i was too late for registration...huhu..quite sad you know...huhu....

but part 3, the XPDC 111111, it's very memorable lah! hahaha...i am proud for myself because i'm chubby but i can climb it until the top of the mountain....Ya Allah....SubhanaAllah.....the scenery....its amazing! fogs all around me...its very calm and all your tired will be gone just a blink of your eye... :)

21 May 2012


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Thanks for those who became my followers... you know what, without followers, who will read my mumbling here right hahaha... hmm...talking about followers, they also automatically become my    friends.. wow... friends....it is a greatest joy you have in your life...because without friends, who else you wanna share your sorrow and joyful (besides family)...

but sometimes, friends also can make your life miserable.. ha-ha.. its happens when you have chosen the wrong friends. yala..a friends who care and love you which will always be by your side when you live with up-down condition is hard-to-get nowadays..but whatever it is, we should always look at mirror cause the mirror will reflect everything... sometimes, it's our own mistakes, its our own jerky attitude that makes everyone hates us..think about it, and try to be better person.. :)

Besides, whenever and whatever, do not judge a book by its cover...appreciate your friends and try to live a life with them because when they're gone, only memories with them gave you a reason to continue your life..trusts me, friends! :)


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“Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, Kau ampunilah segala dosa-dosa kedua-dua ibubapaku dan Kau kasihanilah kedua-dua ibubapaku sebagaimana mereka mengasihani aku sewaktu aku kecil.”


Thankful to Allah because I still have my parents. Yaa… I am a STUBBORN girl, but without them, I don’t know what will happen to me… my experience working with my dad have taught me a lot of lessons…. you will realize that it is very hard to carry a big responsibility and mom.. oohh..mom… maybe once you have a great distance from your mom, all her murmuring will make you realize that it was for your own goods; that it was for your own good… I'm one of them..  Hugging, kissing and even saying "I LOVE YOU" to them is necessary! It is WAJIB! Hahaha…. Well, I guess  our responsibilities as a daughter or a son is bigger than hugging and kissing them.. we need to realize that before its too late. 

P/s: Like Maher Zain said la yaar: YOU'RE THE NUMBER ONE FOR ME ;)

20 May 2012


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First and foremost, i wanna to admit that i'm quite nervous to writing here..Frankly, i'm not a good writer...and maybe i just keep wondering who will view my blog, who will be my followers, who will comment to my story, are my story interesting or not to share..haha...so much to think la yaar...haha

but its okeyh because my life's principle : I KNOW I'M NOT THE BEST, BUT WHATEVER I DO, I DO MY VERY BEST will always lead me becoming a better person..try to LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES man...hahaha....i think maybe the one who loves Red's color much have a high spirit like me...i hope my followers love to read my blogs.. :)

Moreover, i'm actually quite ADVENTUROUS person..READING especially.... I love it!!!! In addition, i continue my study at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Perak in Science Computer (CS110). my ambition is to become a DATABASE EXPERT :) haha..i hope so la...Aminnn....


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